The stock market
is now a game.

Step One

Pick an available contest. Contests can be 2-10 players or open-ended tournaments.

Step Two

Choose 6 stocks from a list of those with earnings announcements coming in the next week.

Step Three

Decide to buy long or sell short each stock, set the weight within your portfolio, then submit.

Active trading gamified.

TradeJester's fantasy trading contests turn trading stocks around earnings into a game. Through week-long contests, you learn the relationship between stock earnings and how the market's response impacts a stock's price.

Exposure to S&P Stocks

You get to choose from stocks with upcoming earnings each week from the S&P 500®, S&P MidCap 400®, S&P SmallCap 600® and Russell 2000®. This ensures exposure to reputable companies.

Analyze Stock Earnings

Each stock has earnings history for the last 4 quarters. In order to simplify data for you, the terms MISSED, MET, and BEAT are given to help you quickly visualize a stock's track record.

Real Risk & Reward

You can choose to participate in contests with Real or Play Money. This way you can to test your skills in a competitive environment as well as win money by having one of the top portfolios.

Analysts' Consensus Provided

Each stock has an average consensus provided by the analysts that are covering that specific stock. Consensus ranges from SELL, UNDERPERFORM, HOLD, OUTPERFORM, to BUY.

Long, Short, and Weighting

You pick 6 stocks with earnings being announced that week, and then put 2500, 5000, or 7500 towards each stock with a portfolio value of 30000, then choose whether to go Long or Short.

Simplified Volatility Analysis

Each stock has a simplified volatility and beta analysis to make it easy for you to quickly spot what moves and doesn't. Categorized from VERY HIGH, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, to VERY LOW.

Three ways to play.

Private Tournaments

Private tournaments are free to create and give you the power to set the rules. A private tournament can run from 1 to 16 weeks, each with its own Earnings Game contest. You set the number of players that can join, the number of weeks it lasts, the scoring format, and you can provide special instructions for players that join.

Open Tournaments

Open tournaments run once each week and offer the largest prize pools in the game. You can play the 1-week contest for as little as $5 and have a shot at prize pools starting at $100. Winners also receive Leaderboard points that will give you a chance to participate in special reserved events in the future.

Daily Contests

2-Player Head 2 Head

Classic, heads up format. One winner, one loser.

6-Player Take All

No room for errors here. Only one wins, five go home.

9-Player Double Up

Top half wins, double or nothing. Four win, five go home.

10-Player Triple Up

1st, 2nd, 3rd, triple or nothing. Three win, seven go home.